About Me



Work hard, Play harder and never grow up. That's my motto! I love living life to the fullest and learning new things every day like children do. Whether it's meeting new people, going out to one of our amazing restaurants, volunteering for local non- profits, attending fun activities and events, traveling, and of course quality time with my family. I love people and our community. I have been active in our community for over 10 years. I am very social and good at getting people together. I enjoy building relationships and helping businesses grow. I want to help my small business clients stay involved in our community while still building their business. I understand how hard it is for a small business owner to step away from the daily tasks and network their business. I also know how valuable their time is and how important it is to stay involved in our community. I will be there for them to attend events, market their company, and advertise through the social media streams.

On a personal note some of my favorite things to do are Travel, eat delicious foods, wine tastings, concerts, plays, and even a little bit of camping. I enjoy spending time with my two teenage daughters and new husband.